Broken family poems

It’s high time that Isabella starts understanding the realities of life. It can’t all be cupcakes and rainbows, kid. Sometimes, just for kicks, God throws in an asshole and a douchebag in the mix.


You really don’t know what you’re missing.
Life goes once around the sun.
Children grow too old for kissing.
Done can never be undone.

Years return as memories,
Rich or poor, as you invest.
How much value you accrue
Depends upon your interest.

There are joys, and there are pleasures:
Do not these two things confuse.
One yields charms; the other, treasures
It would tear the heart to lose.

So turn to what in life must matter:
Love, and all that loving brings.
Your children need their only father;
You need them, as words need things.


We’ll go on, after you,
Without you we’ll go on,
Though something beautiful inside
Us all has turned to stone.

We’ll go on, after you,
Without you through the years
Of pain and raw bewilderment
And brutal, angry tears.

We’ll go on, after you,
Without you we will heal,
Though love may labor in the heart
And joy the loss conceal.

We’ll go on, after you,
Without you we will grow
Together as a family
That you will never know.

We’ll go on, after you,
Without you life goes on,
But neither hope nor happiness
Undoes what you have done.

3 responses to “Broken family poems

  1. Divorce is the saddest thing any child can endure. Trust me, I’ve been there. We pay for the sins of our parents. We pay for the sins of democrats and liberals who are not afraid to dig into our lives and take everything away from us.
    To all parents, please slugg out your marriage. It is truly a sacred vow and perhaps your highest commitment is to your children. Be tough and don’t let your sins hinder and burden the rest of your child’s life. Please. Have a little faith and show some compassion. Ask for help from God. And may God be with us all.

  2. I believe in the vow. But it only stands if both partners believe. I was left and my family is broken. I feel sorry for my children. But they do have me.

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