Today the Fabric Warehouse, Tomorrow the world

Lately I’ve been on a craft bender and I blame it all on Pinterest and my fiercely competitive streak. Everything I’ve ended up pinning seems to end with, “I could do that. And better. AND CHEAPER!” The last one, not really compared to Ikea but let’s leave that sacred ground alone. So here I am, with 10 yards of fabric, 5 meters of plywood, and a staple gun.

Anything you can do, I can do better.

The artist in me that is dying to get some fresh air after all the Excel files and Powerpoints and mind-numbingly boring emails at the office. It may manifest in a manic paper-flower making frenzy or rainbow cake baking extravaganza, but my artist side just needs to know that I’m not forgetting about her. When my hands start to itch and I dream about HOW to upholster a sofa properly, that means it’s time to break out the art and crafts and let her have at it else there’s just no living with the two of us. Can you just imagine two of me in the same room? Both loud and obnoxious and know-it-alls? Already I feel bad for The Boyfriend.

It’d be like this. But scarier.

There has been some bouts of this foray into the hand-made world such as the paper flowers and arc for Flores de Mayo, rainbow cake, MaraGuyver dinner, hemming my own pants with No Sew glue, omelettes du Mara, and putting together a shelf. Okay, okay. So I kinda cheated on the last one. I didn’t exactly make it from pieces of wood that I sanded, painted, and installed. We bought it at SM and I just screwed it together. But the feeling is the same – you set out to do something with your hands and suddenly SOMETHING! It’s like magic! ACCIO GLUE GUN!

Cake, anyone? Scrumptious and gorgeous enough for Pinterest.

Also, since The Move, I’ve wanted to contribute to it. And although my wallet’s never seen better days, I try to make up for it with what little “talent” I have. The Boyfriend has been hard at work making it a habitable house. I just want him to finish with the painting and the regrouting and the rewiring so I can start making it into a home. Now that the place is slowly starting to come together, it has been easier to make any contribution since the majority of it has been decided already. Divide and conquer – The Boyfriend makes all the big decisions, I’ll just take the little ones. So before we try and kill each other (there have been numerous attempts, I can’t lie), we agreed that I would only care about two things – the bathroom and the headboard. (Oh, and ledges for the window. But that doesn’t *really* count.)He isn’t allowed any input unless asked and he can’t criticize whatever it is that I want to do in those departments. So far, it’s worked better than him asking me if we should go with Parisian Gray or Cashmere or Homespun Charm. Answer: IDGAF

Indifferent to the color, indifferent to the book.

The Boyfriend has been very encouraging in this DIY delusion of mine and he’s a sweetheart for putting up with the monster. Thank God he hasn’t relented to buying me a set of power tools else he really won’t be able to have a choice. Especially not when there’s a tiny, maniacal woman wielding a hammer drill 2 inches from his face. Mara + power tools = raincheck. Perhaps when I’ve gone to visit a mental health professional and gotten some medication, we’ll revisit that thought.

And honey, you should see me in a crown.

Perhaps I might share some of my triumphs here, but for now, I’m happy enough to found the time to update this blog and let you all know that armed with only a staple gun and a rubber mallet, I WILL STILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

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  1. IKR?? I’ve just recently changed it seeing WordPress has had more acceptable options. Now if only I can manage to update it as fast as my Twitter account then we’d really be in business! :))

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